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File Storage Solutions

File Storage

Omega Controls features a safe and secure solution to managing all your vital programs that run your machinery. We all know it doesn’t take very long until you’re trying to hunt up those electrical prints, or trying to find the latest PLC program with descriptions. Omega Controls features a web-based file storage service for all your valuable files. We can do a one time set up and then show you how to manage keeping your files up-to-date or we can set up a service agreement to come to your facility periodically and get a fresh upload of all your vital program files.

Online File Storage

  • Permission-based folders
    We can create unlimited folders, arrange them in a hierarchical folder structure (nested sub-folders) and assign appropriate levels of permission-based security (Read, Read/Write, Read/Write/Delete).
  • Store files of any size
    Easily upload and store large files such as PLC Programs, CAD drawings, User Manuals, etc.
  • Web access
    Omega Controls provides secure access to all your files via a Web browser.
  • Unlimited storage capability
    Omega Controls has unlimited storage capacity which means you will never be limited to what you can and cannot archive on our online file storage service.
  • Mobile access
    On the go?  Use your mobile smart phone’s web browser (iPhone, Blackberry or Android) to access, share and manage your documents. No special applications or downloads required!

File Sharing and Transfer

  • Multiple Accounts
    We can set up one general company account for all of your users who might want access to this service.  Or we can set up as many accounts as you need for all your company’s team members.  It is then possible to set up permission levels and also monitor who has downloaded, checked out, or uploaded the files.  With the multi-user feature each user’s email address can be entered in and they can be notified of any of several events concerning the files hosted.
  • File and folder access controls
    Three levels of built-in security prevent unauthorized access, including initial login, folder access and individual document protections.
  • Automatic file versioning
    No need to change filenames to capture versions. Our service automatically versions files as they change. So you can be assured this service never "overwrites" a file, so you get a complete audit trail of who made a change and when they made it.
  • Automatic notification of file changes
    As new files are added or as existing files change, we can automatically notify each user that has access to those files. Each person can specify a notification frequency indicating how often they would like to be notified, including not notified at all.
  • File locking and checkout
    Users can lock files for modifications (file check-out). Once a file is locked (checked out), other users can view the file, but cannot edit or upload changes until the file has been unlocked (file check-in).
  • Share large files and folders via links
    Send large files by distributing a link instead of an attachment. You can control how long the link is active and can be automatically notified when a file has been downloaded. You can even publish your links to make them widely available.  You can even send an email straight from the online service.  No web-mail service required, just type in the email address and click send.
  • Security controls for sharing
    Each folder can be configured for access by authorized employees and business partners. And you control what each user is allowed to do with Read/Write/Delete file permissions.  We can also handle all setup needs based on your application needs.
  • Easily upload files of any size
    Easily drag and drop files on your desktop. A browser-based Java uploader will help you to move files online, and for the largest files (500 MBs or more), there is a built in, easy-to-use, no-maintenance FTP service.